Tips for getting your first pet

Thinking of buying your first pet? How many times have you walked past a pet shop and wanted to buy a pet, but you couldn't decide if you were ready for your new experience? All the needs of your first pet that come with the purchase is no small thing, as you will be taking full responsibility for your pet's life. All in all, you need to think realistically and positively, because pets can totally change your life. Buying your first pet can be a lot of fun, and you can also delight your family with a new family member.

Here are a few things to think about before deciding to buy a pet.

1. Don't buy impulsively

    Think carefully about whether you really want a pet, or if it’s just a passing wish that may disappear over time. Talk to other family members and hear what they think about buying a pet, and don't be impulsive.

    2. Keep yourself informed

      Get all the necessary details before you buy a new friend for your home. Take the time to research every possible detail about buying a pet. Keep in mind that you will bring a new member to your family who will also change the structure of your family’s routine. Be sure that you know enough about the breed you want, what it requires for a healthy life and whether you ready for the responsibility. Keep in mind the specific characteristics of the breed, and make sure that all family members agree on the decision.

      tips for getting your first pet cat kitty

      3. Fitting into your lifestyle

        Choose pets that will fit well with your lifestyle, and think about all the little details. Will your new pet be prepared to handle your overtime at work? Are you someone who does not sleep at night, but loves afternoon naps? Do you have children, and are they mature enough to keep your pet safe? You may even be a frequent traveler, and if so, who will be with your new friend while you are away? These are just some of all the details to be considered before you make your decision.

        4. Fitting into your home

        Have you thought about how much space you have in your apartment? Does your new pet fit into your home? Do you have a yard, and what will the neighbors think about your pet? If you live as a tenant, what does your landlord say about keeping pets? These are just some things to consider when choosing a pet.

        5. Decide why you want a pet

        Some people buy pets as a substitute for babies, or they just don't want to feel lonely. Choose a pet based on its characteristics; whether you want a dog that is not dependent on you, that doesn’t need a lot of contacts or one that is full of energy that you can run, walk or play with. If you prefer a calmer type of pet, then maybe fish or a turtle could be your best choice.

        6. Is now the right time?

        Remember to ask yourself if it’s the right time in your life to buy a pet. Take into consideration the environment in which your pet will stay and your own health. If you have children, think about whether they are old enough to care for their pets.

        7. Life spans

        Find out about how long specific pets live on average. For example, fish and turtles have an unlimited life span, while dogs and cats have a life span of around 10 - 16 years.

        8. Pet needs

        Consider whether you can meet all the needs of your new pet. Do you have a yard and is it fenced in? Will you have time to give them food, to bathe them, clean up after them? Also, find out about the amount of care your pet needs. Just be aware that some pets become unhappy if they don't get enough attention from their owner. There are also many other practical things to consider, depending on the breed.

        9. Total costs

        Keep in mind that there are also lots of costs involved in keeping a happy pet. These include toys, a place to sleep, a leash for walking, worming remedies, flea powder, a collar, and especially a proper diet. All of this is not cheap and doesn’t include vital veterinary care. You must consider whether you are able to pay for these costs consistently.

        It may seem easy for you to buy your first pet, but it's not as easy as it might seem. As explained above, there are plenty of things to think about, so take your time. Make sure you are prepared and able to cover the cost of buying a new pet. Be ready to be the best owner, and most of all, your pet’s best friend!


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