How to Select an Allergy-Friendly Pet

Pets are a lovely thing in life. They are the ones who treat you with their presence. There is no greater joy than giving your pet love and attention, and it will certainly know to appreciate this and reciprocate. However, it’s good to remember that some people are allergic to animals, and they may avoid pets. Not that they wouldn’t love them, but because of their allergy. Luckily, there are also so-called hypoallergenic pets, which may be a solution for a family with allergies. Here are some ideas of allergy-friendly pets. However, it’s also great to consult professionals who know your situation best so you can find the best options for yourself.


One of the hypoallergenic dogs is a poodle. The first feature you might notice on this adorable creature is white curls and thin hair. What is important is that it does not line, so you will not have problems with the hair. Feed them a healthy diet, maintain regular hygiene, and start playing with your dog. They are very smart, hyperactive, and true loyal friends. Poodles secrete very little saliva, and what is very important for people suffering from allergies is that the poodles do not line up. What we need to note is that you have to comb them regularly to prevent hair loss.

Shitz, a breed of smaller dog, also often comes to mind when talking about hypoallergenic dogs. The main features that make these little doggies attractive are that they are very affectionate and friendly. If you do not have enough time to comb it as often as you should, you can simply trim your dog, as many people do for faster and easier care.

An excellent ally in socializing and acting can be your sweet bichon. At first glance, you might be wondering how is this possible given that they have puffy fur? The answer lies in the fact that they are very small, and often recommended for people suffering from allergies.

  1. Fish

If you end up selecting fish as your new pet, there is certainly no chance of allergy. Additionally, you do not have to devote much time to them, they are not demanding at all. Another advantage is that food and maintenance of the fish is much cheaper compared to other pets. However, you have to provide them with a good aquarium. The more space they have, the more space they will have to stitch out various stunts and entertain you. You should keep in mind that some types of fish should not be put together in an aquarium.

Choose fish that work together. The nice sight of the fish tank will make you a more satisfied, positive, and relaxed person. They have a healing effect on humans. Consider getting a goldfish — maybe it will fulfill your three wishes, you never know. Store them in an aquarium where the water temperature does not exceed 26 degrees.

Or are you maybe in the mood for a catfish party? Although this type of fish is not attractive to some people, they are cleaners and therefore very useful for the aquarium. They can be fun and funny at the same time. Give them a chance; maybe they will delight you.

  1. Rodents

Although some rodents can cause allergic reactions, due to their small size and short hair they can be allergy-friendly. Several types of rodents do not usually cause allergies, such as the Chinchilla and bald guinea pig. They do not sweat or have salivary glands. If you get a chinchilla or other rodent, pay attention and take care of the hygiene of the cage; sometimes it is necessary to clean it more thoroughly.

Chinchillas tolerate lower temperatures better than higher temperatures. It is imperative that the room temperature does not exceed 25 degrees. Get chinchilla toys at a pet shop to keep them entertained in their new home. You may surprise them with cubes, a treadmill, wooden balls, ladders, tunnels and more. If you choose a chinchilla as your pet, they will have no problem getting used to people and space. They do not create unpleasant odors and they are sociable. Just approach them slowly without quick or sudden movements so you won’t scare them away. You must clean the cake once per week. As for the chinchilla diet, it feeds on cereal, hay, and water seeds. You can sometimes give them vegetables and fruits, but only in small portions.

  1. Reptiles, Turtles and Amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians do not cause allergic reactions because they do not produce proteins that are mainly found in dandruff. To have them as your pet, you need to make sure you have enough time to devote to them. Choosing a turtle will not require much responsibility from you. Just feed them once a day. The food that turtles consume is worms, berries, kale, and small portions of beef. Make sure you choose the right turtle aquarium; make it as natural as possible to remind the turtle of its natural home. Turtles are slow to grow and slow to move.

Undoubtedly, when you get the pet of your choice, it will definitely make your home more beautiful, cheerful and playful. Try to meet your pet's needs, take the time to watch or play with your pet. Take care of your pet, and it will also take care of you. Having a pet can be so valuable and can bring you a lot of happiness.

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