How to Make Your Travel Pet-Friendly

When you travel with your pet, never assume that your pet will enjoy the journey as much as you do. When you want to take your pet on a trip, you should ensure that you follow the guidelines to make your trip as pet-friendly as possible.

Road Trips

If you decide to go for a road trip, consider if that is the best option for your pet. Road trips may be tough both for yourself and your pet if you sit for hours at a time in the car. On the other hand, some pets really love traveling, so this should be considered on a case by case basis. You know your pet best.  

Pack all the necessary items you will need, like a container, enough drinking water, poop bags for pitstops, and anything else you normally need. In case you haven’t microchipped your pet, it might be a good idea to do so before your trip in case they become lost without warning. If you are traveling in the summer, do not leave your pet in the hot car!

Your dog, cat or other pet can easily read your body language. On the other hand, they are often masters of hiding any diseases or issues they have. When you drive with your pet, never drive continuously without stopping for more than two or three hours. It is best for you and your pets’ health and wellbeing.

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Flying with Your Pet

The traveling policies for pets vary by airline. First and foremost, you should check and confirm that pets are allowed in the cabin with your selected airline. Small dogs and cats may travel in the cabin and a special carrier may be practical in this case. If cargo is the only option, use your judgment if that is suitable for your pet. Your pet may face strong emotional stress when they are left isolated and alone in the cargo. Especially if it’s the first time or your pet is no longer young, it may be too much stress for your pet. In this case, it is better to look for other traveling options.

You usually need to pay a pet-fee, which is non-refundable. Remember to make your bookings early enough to avoid any last-minute changes. If you need to send your pet to the cargo, follow all instructions to clearly mark that you are traveling with your live animal.

Tourist Attractions

You may want to visit tourist attractions during your journey, but remember that your pet is probably not so excited about crowds. In fact, it may be stressful for your pet, depending on if it’s accustomed to this or not. On the other hand, it may be stressful to stay in an unknown hotel for that time as well. It surely depends on if you are traveling with your dog or a turtle.

Documentation and Vaccination

You can often travel with your cat and dog abroad. However, it is better to do your homework in advance and check if you need an import permit in the country you are traveling to. Many countries restrict the entry of certain animals like birds and rabbits. For further details, visit the USDA's website. Make sure you have an official health certificate signed by USDA and other needed documents, your pet’s microchip information, and vaccination records in place.

Traveling with your pet may be fun, but it is also stressful. Prepare for your trip carefully and remember that every pet should get used to traveling gradually. If your pet is used to traveling with you already from a young age, it may be an activity that you both enjoy. On the other hand, if you try to travel with your old pet for the first time ever, it may be very stressful for your pet. So always remember to take into account your pet’s history and try to think about how it will be feeling. When you both enjoy traveling, it will be awesome!

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