How dogs are showing their love

There are various languages for expressing love. Dogs are our greatest friends who will never leave us, and they have their own love language to show us how much they love us. It has been proven that a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are intelligent and lovable creatures, and above all, they are loyal to their owners. They can offer unconditional love for you.  

Your pets feel your emotional state and respond accordingly. Most people think that dogs are good only if they listen to what you say, but in fact, this is false. If you constantly scold or threaten them, they will do what you ask them to do, but it won’t be out of love, but for fear of you harming them. Dogs are vibrant beings, full of energy and strength. If you can use that energy to your advantage, you will notice how positively they can affect you, your spiritual and mental health.


One piece of proof that your dog loves you is if he/she comes to cuddle with you after eating. We all know that dogs are very single-minded about their food. However, what a dog does after eating can tell you a lot. If after eating good food, your dog wants to be petted, it is a clear sign that he/she loves you and that you are very important to him or her. Often when dogs have eaten they show their love and happiness. 


While some people who keep dogs in their homes do not allow their dogs to sleep with them, there are others who love to sleep with their beloved dogs. If you are someone who likes to sleep with your dog and your dog is in bed as long as you are in it, it means that he or she loves you and is loyal to you.

dog love you 

Howling when you leave home

Does your dog howl when you leave without him? Noticing that your dog is howling at your departure is not a good sign. This is proof that the dog is feeling anxious and distrustful. If it’s the opposite and your dog stays home alone without howling, you can be sure that the dog trusts you and loves you. It's also about training and if your dog has used to be alone at home.

Arriving home

Probably everyone's dog is happy when they see their owner. If you feel the same when you see your dog, then there is no need to explain that you missed your dog too and could hardly wait to see him again. When your dog has been alone for a day who wouldn't be happy to face their loved one?

Looking into your eyes

If your dog is looking into your eyes steadily and for a long time, you can know that it shows love, confidence and a sense of security. Eye contact is effective for both humans and dogs. Keeping eye contact is good for training your dog, and using this type of communication will help to develop a deep connection with your pet. However, excessive or glaringly forced eye contact will make your dog feel uncomfortable and he will eventually turn his eyes away.

Lean on you

Wherever you are on the bed or the floor, if you notice your dog is leaning against you, you can be sure that your pet trusts you and feels safe and relaxed. Of course, in some situations, you will notice that he comes to lean on you when he is scared. That's because he considers you as his/her protector.

Your pet is a thief

It is well-known that dogs are very attached to their owners and that their main sense is the smell, which means that dogs love the smell of their owner. Do not be surprised if you are missing some slippers or socks. Because dogs love your scent, they will gladly slip into your shoes and rifle through a dirty laundry basket to find your stuff.

So if you notice that you are missing some clothes or shoes, you will know who the culprit is. Just don't expect them to tell you where they put it. If you have a problem with your dog swiping your belongings or shoes, try buying them rubber toys that will occupy them so they can to forget about stealing your stuff.

Bringing their favorite toy 

If you notice that your pet is bringing you their favorite toy, it may not always mean that it’s playtime. You are like a "pack leader" for your dog, and he is just bringing you the most valuable and loving thing he has. Isn't that a real "dog" characteristic?

Licking you

You know how much dogs love to lick you. It's a simple example to see if your dog loves you. Swinging his tail, uncontrolled hopping, and an unlimited number of licks – these are all ways the dog lets you know he loves you a lot.

One way to make sure that your pet loves you is to give him the unconditional love he deserves, and he will surely return it back double. Even if dogs do not live as long as we do, and they may just be there for a comparatively short part of your life, you can still know that you have been with them all of their life. Your dog really cares about you and they are really loyal and perfect members of the family. 


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